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Our official duck race sponsors for 2013 are;
Trinity Fammau Scout Group 2010
Welcome to the Duck Race Page

Here you should be able to find all the information you need regarding previous and upcoming Duck Races.

We started running the May Day Duck Race at Loggerheads Country Park 7 years ago (back in 2005).  Over the last 5 years it has grown in size year after year and is now the groups main fund raising event.

In 2012 we sold over 1800 duck race tickets and raised nearly £5000 from the event.

Company sponsors are key to the success of the event and again this year we will be looking to increase the number of sponsors.  In 2010 we had 12 sponsors, 9 sponsoring the duck races and 3 sponsoring stalls.  If you are interested in sponsoring our event then please click on the ‘Sponsor our Event’ link on the left of this page.  We have also included some information about previous events including ticket sales, advertising and event publicity.

Charities and Schools
As a community group we are very keen to involve local charities and schools with our event.  If you wish to run a stall at our next event then click on the ‘Charity Stall’ link on the left of this page.

As a group we run many of the stall ourselves however there are a number of specialist stalls, such as bouncy castle, climbing walls etc that we would normally contact local companies to run.  If you are interested in running a stall then click on the External Stall link on the left of this page.

Sponsor our Event. Charity Stall. External Stall.